10 Problems With Staying Up Late (For All You Night Owls)

  1. One of the most challenging tasks is to sneak your way to the kitchen without making noise while everyone is already sleeping. Suddenly that little board that creaks makes the most monstrous sound when you step on it and the packaging of your junk food is louder than you had ever imagined.
  2. You end up sleeping in later than planned and end up not being able to do what you had in mind yesterday. Doesn’t it suck to wake up after noon and feel like you’ve wasted away half your day already? For whatever reason, the day feels miraculously longer when you get up early in the morning.
  3. While surfing the internet late into the night, you often come across hilarious/inspiring articles but can’t share them on your social networks. This is because there is not one up at that time to see it. Better off saving it for when everyone else will be up to read it eh?
  4. Overusing the excuse of consuming too much coffee/tea to the point that no one really believes you anymore. We all know you just don’t sleep. Can’t sleep. Won’t sleep.
  5. On the one night you’re exhausted and head to bed before midnight, the people you live with question if something is the matter with you. It seems that your habit of not sleeping has become a norm in the household and when you do sleep something must be wrong.
  6. People talk about getting up early to watch the sunrise and listen to the birds sing. Been there done that (almost every night).
  7. When you pull yourself to work/school in the morning you look like a zombie and complain to everyone around you about being tired –only to annoy them.
  8. You have no difficulty keeping in touch with people in different time zones across the globe because you don’t sleep anyway.
  9. The only thing really stopping you from taking up a graveyard shift at some part-time job is the fact that you’ll want to sleep once you get to it.
  10. You’re reading this really late into the night.

— itsfruitcakeweather.

5 Common Thoughts Of Those Experiencing Quarter Life Crisis

  1. “What am I going  to do with my life?” I bet you would like to know (because I certainly do). I’ve recently learned that perhaps we have been misguided to think that we must know where we’re going with out lives. In high school we decided which courses to take for college/university admission, in post-secondary we decided on our majors… what does it really mean? Perhaps it is most important for us to realize that we can be in our 20s without knowing where we’re going with our lives. Things are going to be okay.
  2. “So this is what it’s like to have grown up.” This thought is often accompanied by an unpleasant feeling of stress or anxiety as a result of assumed expectations of where you should be or what you should be doing in your life. When we were young and fearless you always looked forward to your birthday, why is it now that you’re dreading your next birthday and family gathering? Just remember that those expectations are made up by other people –not you. You’re still young.
  3. “Sometimes it feels like everyone is doing better than me in life.” How well do you really know these people you’re referring to? The fact of the matter is you don’t know. Don’t forget that while you may see all the positive progress of they’ve made in their lives you haven’t been around to witness all the failures. As cliche as it sounds, to someone else you might be making amazing progress. Don’t be undermining yourself now.
  4. “I need a job.” Not going to lie, I’m often pestered by this thought. In the case that you do have a job and you don’t enjoy it… we all understand that financial stress can be overwhelming.
  5. “I really need to make changes.” It doesn’t matter what change, you just want to do something different to enter this new stage in your life in hopes of moving forward. Do what makes you happy. Cut your hair. There doesn’t have to be a purpose behind everything you do now that you feel older. You can still enjoy a lot of the same things you loved as a child.

– itsfruitcakeweather.

On Making Today A Little Better For Yourself

My first post 3 weeks ago was on things to do when you’re on the verge of breakdown. Since then, I’ve thought about things we could all do to make our days a little better because none of us are going through the same struggles and not all of us are experiencing sadness. Some days are full of disappointment, others just indifference and boredom —


  • Smile when you wake up in the morning and remind yourself to be happy you have another day for yourself and the people you care about.  Not everyone had the privilege of experiencing today.
  • Don’t read the comment section of an article, YouTube video, or Facebook status if you already know you’re going to be disappointed by the content. You deserve a break from comments that make you upset and question the world.
  • … On second thought, just get off Facebook because you’re getting too attached.
  • Start on that thing you’ve always wanted to do TODAY especially if it’s an ongoing task. It’s always easy to tell yourself: “Oh… I’ll start this exactly on the 1st of next month” and never end up doing it. Notice thinking that is no different from saying you’ll stop procrastinating exactly at 12:00AM. That time you used as an excuse for yourself isn’t any better than now.
  • Feel good you decided to start on that thing today.
  • It the weather permits, go outside and smell the freshly cut grass and breathe in the Spring air. (Unless of course you have severe allergies –in that case I don’t recommend it.)
  • Eat something you love. I was really going to say “EAT SOMETHING WITH NUTELLA TODAY!!” but I figured that might just be a personal preference. lol.
  • Don’t expect the day to go as you planned to leave room for surprises! So if you weren’t able to get everything off that To-Do List today, don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • If none of the above does it for you, here you go:


– itsfruitcakeweather.

5 Things That Make Me More Nervous Than They Should


  1. Ordering something that I’ve never eaten before at a restaurant. Sometimes I don’t even know what the dish is going to look like but my friend just happens to recommend it. I mean what could possibly happen? Maybe I’ll hate the entree… doesn’t hurt to try right? At this point I do want to try something new but my gut tells me that I might be getting TOO ADVENTUROUS. Not to mention on top of that, I’m not sure how to pronounce the name. So in fear of embarrassing myself further –I’ll just stick with the mushroom burger please. Thanks.
  2. Wearing make-up in public. I rarely wear any make-up. On the days that I do, I am well aware that people will notice the products on my face. There really isn’t a win to this situation. If I don’t get an compliments I feel like perhaps that I shouldn’t have made the extra effort… but when I do: I don’t know how to respond to compliments. At this point I’ve really just given up.
  3. Having to give an interesting fact about myself during a mandatory introduction. At some point in your life you’re going to attend some class or event where they make you go around and introduce yourself. As if that isn’t horrifying enough already –they want you to tell everyone an interesting fact about yourself! OKAY MY NAME IS ____ AND UHM… UHM… HMMM… THERE IS NOTHING INTERESTING ABOUT MYSELF!! WHAT AM I GOING TO SAY?!! Alright well, I like cats. Too mainstream. I colour code all my books –might be slightly weird. Maybe I can sneak out before its my turn… (You get the picture.)
  4. Someone saying nice things about me. Going back to #2 … I wonder if “thanks” suffices when I’m too stunned to speak words?!
  5. Greeting someone that may or may not remember me. I can’t be the only one here. You remember that person but you don’t know if they really remember meeting you. You could say “Hi” but that may result in you looking stupid when they don’t respond in return. But you had great conversations with them before! Better not risk it, too many people around.

– itsfruitcakeweather.

3 Pointless Interview Questions To Ask (Or Otherwise Need To be Reworded)

Awhile ago I wrote on 5 Reasons To Love The Job You Love To Hate. Since then I’ve had 2 interviews and here are some thoughts on interview questions as a result of recent experience:

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? A lot of the times when you get asked this question as the interviewee, you’ll feel the need to make up some amazing answer to make it seem like you have some direction in your life. While you take the time to say relatively positive things like, “Working for your company!” or “Going back to school for my graduate degree!”, you actually wonder if you’re going to be living in a shack in 10 years because of how bad the economic times are. Okay, so I know our answers are supposed to show the potential employer where we see our careers to be headed but… most of us just haven’t got a clue.
  2. If you could be any ingredient in a salad what would you be? I’m guilty of asking this one while conducting an interview myself but my only intention was to lighten the otherwise tense atmosphere. Aside from this however, I see no meaningful reason for questions like these to be asked. Perhaps for laughs (I hope) because I’ve never given great answers for these types of questions. How about: “I WANT TO BE THE OLIVE BECAUSE PEOPLE HATE ME –SO I’D NEVER BE EATEN!” Brilliant. Creative. Totally shows that I’m fit for the job!
  3. What is your greatest weakness? There are really only 2 options when attempting to answer this question. Either you want the job or you don’t. Given you do want this job, you may start going on about a weakness completely irrelevant to the job (or otherwise flaunting how you’re just too much of a perfectionist sometimes). If you tell them a weakness directly relevant to the job… well, you’re not getting it and I’m not too sure why you’re at the interview anyway. Essentially, this question needs to be reworded because no one is ever going to talk about a weakness relevant to the job even if they had one.

– itsfruitcakeweather.

The PROS and CONS of Instagram


  • PRO: By the time you’re 65 you’ll have an infinite number of selfies to remind yourself of what you looked like when you were young. (Not to mention photos to show all your grandchildren.)
  • CON: You’ll be reminded that you no longer look like that.
  • PRO: The filters automatically make all your photos look better than they would without.
  • CON: You know its all a lie. You’re no photographer.
  • PRO: You can add 50+ tags to 1 single Instagram photo you take to share with the world.
  • CON: #love #tagsforlikes #tweetgram #photooftheday #50likes #followme #follow4follow #yolo #swag #instalike #instalove #igers #food #nofilter #iphoneonly #photography #instadaily #foodpic #hungry #dessert #outfit #fashion #pink #nails #hair #sunshine #bieber #onedirection #music #PLEASESTOPTHISMADNESS
  • PRO: Your food looks so great on Instagram, now all your followers are jealous!!
  • CON: At some point taking a photo of the food became more important than actually consuming it. You also make yourself hungry late at night when you open Instagram to check for new updates. Karma.
  • PRO: There are millions of cat pictures for you to sit and sift through for weeks to come.
  • CON: I guess there really isn’t a CON to this one.

– itsfruitcakeweather.