The PROS and CONS of Instagram


  • PRO: By the time you’re 65 you’ll have an infinite number of selfies to remind yourself of what you looked like when you were young. (Not to mention photos to show all your grandchildren.)
  • CON: You’ll be reminded that you no longer look like that.
  • PRO: The filters automatically make all your photos look better than they would without.
  • CON: You know its all a lie. You’re no photographer.
  • PRO: You can add 50+ tags to 1 single Instagram photo you take to share with the world.
  • CON: #love #tagsforlikes #tweetgram #photooftheday #50likes #followme #follow4follow #yolo #swag #instalike #instalove #igers #food #nofilter #iphoneonly #photography #instadaily #foodpic #hungry #dessert #outfit #fashion #pink #nails #hair #sunshine #bieber #onedirection #music #PLEASESTOPTHISMADNESS
  • PRO: Your food looks so great on Instagram, now all your followers are jealous!!
  • CON: At some point taking a photo of the food became more important than actually consuming it. You also make yourself hungry late at night when you open Instagram to check for new updates. Karma.
  • PRO: There are millions of cat pictures for you to sit and sift through for weeks to come.
  • CON: I guess there really isn’t a CON to this one.

– itsfruitcakeweather.


5 thoughts on “The PROS and CONS of Instagram

  1. Ah, I know many people who would cough and turn slightly pink after reading this. Funny stuff, thanks! 🙂

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