What I Learned From My First Starbucks Visit


I’ve never been a fan of coffee or the purchasing of overpriced drinks I cannot afford but…. this was a day I had a gift card. Since the ‘Happy Hour’ at Starbucks attracts more attention and lengthy line-ups than I can personally comprehend, I decided to wait until it was over.

You’d be surprised that in ONE single visit, I experienced what I feel every loyal Starbucks customer has learned:

  • The spelling of your name is not as common as you think. While this was for my first personal purchase, I have been to Starbucks quite a few times so I can personally say I was not aware there were so many variations to my name.
  • Ordering is confusing because you don’t know the sizes. Well, I’m sure every loyal customer would know what a ‘venti’ is but I personally did not. I’m curious to find out if my barista judged me for asking for ‘large’.
  • You will never get work done. First of all, being as popular as it is, Starbucks is ALWAYS packed. Even when you’re lucky enough to get a seat you might not be anywhere close to an electrical outlet and your laptop could die on you just has you reach your epiphany. (Also, I didn’t feel that great after not being able to distinguish between the drink sizes to be honest.)
  • It is highly possible you will get internet famous from a Starbucks visit. Take a second to look back upon your last Starbucks visit. How many people around you were taking Instagram photos of their drinks? I think it is more than likely you’ve been featured as the background in multiple Instagram photos. Instagram makes the world look beautiful.
  • Not being a loyal customer makes it a more interesting experience. At this point, no one that works there knows my name and I can still come up a different identity. This way, I will continue to discover more variations in spellings for names other than my own! Kidding. I just enjoy the unfamiliarity sometimes.

— itsfruitcakeweather.

12 thoughts on “What I Learned From My First Starbucks Visit

  1. I never really started drinking Starbucks until I went to school. We have a Starbucks in our student center that accepts out dining dollars. My friends and I average a good 10+ dollars a day JUST on Starbucks during school. So, I guess what I’m saying is that it becomes fun in a weird way. Especially when you discover the “Secret Menu” Basically, you can ask the Barrista to make your drink with however many pumps of whatever flavors you want/ add in any toppings or extras your heart desires.

    I highly recommend the “Captain Crunch.” Yes, it tastes JUST like the cereal. You can just ask for the “Captain Crunch” OR if the Barrista doesn’t know how to make it, just say you want a Strawberries and creme frappe with a pump of caramel, two pumps of toffee, one pump of hazelnut and two scoops of chocolate chips. I sometimes pass on the chocolate chips though. Anyway, stuff like that tends to be pretty fun to try out. You could just google “Starbucks secret menu” to see if you find something that seems interesting.

    • I’ve always opted for other coffee shops on my campus because Starbucks was not only the most expensive but also the one with the longest line (I’m impatient when it comes to making purchases). Though recently I did hear from a friend that she was able to ask for additional ingredients she wanted I was not aware of this secret menu!

      Thanks for the recommendation, it sounds delicious! Definitely more tempted to visit again now that I know I can personalize my drink. 🙂

  2. Where I live (Malmö,Sweden) there’s only one Starbucks and the coffee is EXPENSIVE, we went to London two months ago and it was half the price there. One cup of coffee here (small) is $5.I think is fun how much advertising they can get for free through offering free wifi 😉

  3. Haha, I haven’t been to a Starbucks and this review isn’t really pushing me into one :D. I prefer my coffee at Massolit (although the waitresses aren’t very nice). Or simply anywhere where it’s nice, quiet and not too expensive.

  4. I have to say, the sizes made me confused as well… Since I saw there were 3, I just refer to them as small, medium and large. For me, Starbucks is not strong enough… I first tried it in my office’s canteen and there was nothing else to choose from, so I went with that. My current workplace has Cost@ which is my favourite. Though I heard Caramel Macchiato is great at Starbucks so I’m gonna give it a try. (And your self-definition… well, I can soooo relate to all :D)

    • Since my workplace provides unlimited free coffee I no longer go searching for new favourites. Most days I actually order the same thing off the menu because I’m unadventurous when it comes to things I consume. 🙂

  5. We visit Starbucks about once a week. I get plain coffee, nothing added. Then I bring it home and adulterate it to taste. 🙂 This cuts my cost by about two-thirds. Even better is a large coffee from McDonald’s for one dollar. Again, it goes home and gets fixed up with my own soy milk and flavorings.

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