Fear: Light At The End Of The Tunnel


The object of our fears appear frequently in our minds –day in, day out. We all have fears and it in no way makes us weaker than the next person. So tell me, why do you fear? It seems we have come to a common understanding that our fears are bound by irrationality but the reason for our fears tell more of the story than we are willing consider. While I value high determination in an individual to overcome fears, I believe we’re jumping to conclusions too soon. Let us understand why we fear. Better yet, why don’t we accept that we are allowed to have fears just like we tolerate the fact that none of us are not without flaws.

No one can say whether your fears are justified, or even real. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

If you don’t believe in the light at the end of your tunnel of fears, what other choices are available? We hear about the people that never quite make it far enough to see the light. We listen to others tell us clichés like: happiness is not something you magically find at the end of your walk down the tunnel, but something you create on your journey down the tunnel. The hipsters within us refuse to abide by such clichés, so we seek the lovely TEMPORARY ‘band-aid’ fix.

Even the band-aid fix cannot be achieved overnight. 

The opportunity to thrive and overcome fear cannot be handed to you. The unknown? Loneliness? Loss of freedom? Disappointment? Failure?  The “why bother?” attitude exists but to some it is a guide towards the light at the end of the tunnel. All you need to have is the desire to see the light and a pinch of patience.

Tomorrow morning you will be wake up and go about your usual daily activities: head to school/work, pay bills, commute, interact with other people. Some more time will pass and you will be able to go to your job knowing there is something left for you to enjoy, even if it’s still considered a hobby. Along this walk down the tunnel you will have family figures to see at the end of your days. The light at the end of the tunnel is already here, but you must choose to turn it on.

— itsfruitcakeweather.


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