What Are Your Ideas Worth?

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Ideas are essentially of zero value in themselves.

So why fear the judgment and failure?

Only the valued ideas brought to life bring upon stares of awe and judgment from others. The successful ideas and creations that result from them are often blown out of proportion –a real life rags-to-riches story the inspires millions of people.

Of course, that in itself, is our problem. We only care to hear about successful ideas and beautiful victories.

There will always be more losses than victories, more failures than successes. It’s important for us to stop leaving out the failure chunk of the story. To try before continuously speaking.

The common excuse: Why bother trying when the rate of failure is so high and rate of success so low? And to an extent, the skeptics are right.

All we’re forgetting is that one success doesn’t come without many failures.

So be ready to embrace failures and your time of judgment will arrive with your success down the road. But for now, why fear the nonexistent judgment?

— itsfruitcakeweather.


5 thoughts on “What Are Your Ideas Worth?

  1. If I may add in my own opinion – this is not always true. Our ideas have a sentimental value to us. This is like saying that our pets, which technically have no value, are therefore eligible to be cast out in the rain without a second thought. Of course, to any pet-owner this idea is unfathomable, and it’s the same to an author. If one truly cares about one’s ideas they have all the value in the world, and readers can see that value. So I would argue that there definitely is judgement waiting when we share our ideas; however, I don’t believe we should let that hinder our efforts (nor our spirits). There’s some courage that comes with sharing ideas, but it’s a risk that has to be taken by any writer.

    • I definitely agree with you on this one. Our personal ideas carry high intrinsic value and things like judgment should never keep us from sharing what we want.

      Although no very clear, this post was more directed towards a recent experience I’ve had with regards to the beginning of business ideas and their initial monetary value.

  2. I enjoyed your take on this, but I do not agree with your statement that ideas have no value in themselves. I believe that ideas DO have intrinsic value; in fact, it is not too far of a stretch to postulate that they are the ONLY things that have any real value. You are certainly correct that the road to a successfully-implemented idea is paved by many “failed” ones. And, of course, every business school student knows that it is important to study the “failures” to determine why they were not more successful. I, however, believe that “failed” ideas are a thing of beauty in themselves. After all, there are measures of success other than financial remuneration and rate of adoption. I would even venture to say that most of us hold at least one “unpopular” idea. That such an idea is not widely acclaimed does not make it a failure for us as individuals. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. And beauty casts a wide enough net to encompass a lot of really icky things, as the mycologists, entomologists and bacteriologists of this world well know.

  3. I have found, much like you have stated, that success does not come without many failures. Finding the strength to persevere, to quell self-doubt, self-limiting beliefs and to fail forward is crucial to any success that I have enjoyed. Such a good post from you! Thank you for sharing.

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