Give Yourself Permission

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If you have writer’s block, give yourself a chance today. Give yourself permission to produce work that isn’t your best. Enough with the advice that suggests that we should never openly show work that isn’t our best. How else will our growth be recognized? Some of us have never been editors by nature but that’s alright –we can all learn to be. Love the flow of words instead of being caught up in the fluidity of which they sound together initially.

Hate and criticism comes in the form of silence as well. Just as you thought you’d be able to save yourself from hurt and judgement for expressing your thoughts in writing by stopping, the same people can still criticize you for remaining in silence. Don’t let them forget the beauty of your words.

There is no reason to hide the fact that you’re afraid.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” ― Ambrose Redmoon

And aren’t we so often told to embrace the struggle? If you take out the sugarcoating you’ll realize there is no heavenly bittersweet moment experienced until the struggle transforms your writing for the better. It’s the enlightenment that allows us to appreciate the struggle and motivates us to subject ourselves to it over and over again. But hey, even your dream job has its own little downers.

Your voice is as original as it gets when it comes to writing. What you’ve developed through continuously reading, writing and even imitating your favourite writers will become the basis of your growth. You will discover opposing ideas and conflicting voices that make you just that different. Just original.

Back your ideas up with a story. Shared ideas are not owned by individuals, stories on the other hand are.  Put a twist on the idea and make it your own story. Realization of the story is the most difficult part.

Regardless of whether the  ideas conveyed through your stories are agreed or disagreed upon at the end of the day, you voice will grow stronger. As for the people you’ve reach? Your voice has allowed them to learn more about themselves –love it or hate it.

— itsfruitcakeweather.

How We Find Purpose

Must everything in life have a purpose?

Somewhere between the great expectations set out for our lives and accomplishing self-actualization we’ve met all someone that says they want to make big changes in the world. The change in sight is extraordinary but it’s their possession of individual purpose that engages us. Out of the blue, we set out on missions to find purpose, meaning and to answer the question ‘why?’ without truly knowing what purpose we’re referring to.

There are countless names trying to nail the specifics. Businesses may call them visions; people may have quotes to live by. It comes down to finding a place in the vast population doesn’t it?

Living in the generation of differentiation, it is presented to us that we should be embracing originality and aspects that make us gifted as individual people. As if having purpose has shifted from a modest desk job that provides free hot chocolate on a rainy day to raising millions of dollars in capital on Kickstarter and starting the next big thing.

That’s a lot of pressure we’re placing on ourselves for something supposedly known to embrace individuality.

Don’t let dreaming big be paralyzing.

Embracing oneself is to know that ‘different’ isn’t always something new –just a little change. And finding a personal purpose, mission or gift isn’t always a one-person journey of isolated self-discovery, but one that may require the encouragement of others during the ‘what-if’ stages of fear, tears and exhaustion.

Purpose isn’t some great meaning behind life waiting to be found by each and every one of us. It’s more along the lines of something we mold complementary to our personal missions. Because change is good and making a small one doesn’t mean you’ve failed to find purpose.

Perhaps we try to pinpoint the abstract idea of purpose out of habit. We’re always trying to nail the best option, figure out the perfect method to attain things we want to accomplish –in the mean time having made no change.

And just as you thought you’ve finally got a hold of the best option out there, something that better suits your mission comes up. So what do you do? Do you keep looking? Wouldn’t it be better to pursue the next-best option while looking for something that fits better and make more progress in the long-run?

Maybe the feeling of purpose and personal mission isn’t as neat and tidy as hoped.

Trying to find purpose is like telling you that the New Year will bring upon change –like saying you’ll stop looking and start doing when the hand of the clock hits 12 o’clock exactly. Does it really matter? The concept of purpose is just as abstract as the concept of time.

When we talk about finding purpose it doesn’t always have to be about a great big philosophical quest, but a process that we already know. To try and shift gears when things don’t work out.

— itsfruitcakeweather.

Are You Stuck?

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Because I’ve been stuck for a real long time now.

Not sure what to write. Not sure where I’ll be in 2 years. Not sure where this life is taking me.

It never quite occurred to me until recently that maybe I already have the answer. All this time I’ve been focused on the answer instead of the important part: trying to form questions to an already known answer.

More often than not, we’re all chasing after happiness in life. So you see, happiness is the answer to all our questions. We’ve just been misguided to think that we can only ask ONE QUESTION to get the single answer.

We’re better than the “10 + 10 = ?” question that was asked of us in first grade. We should be seeing ” __ + __ = 20″ instead. Happiness as our answer to life is like ’20’ to ” __ + __ = 20″. There can be infinite combinations to form your question for the single result of happiness.  But there is no one way road to happiness, just many twists and turns.

So stop searching for the right answer. Maybe we’re just asking the wrong question right now.

Let us reevaluate the questions we’ve been asking ourselves and look ahead to infinite possibilities we have to shape happiness.

— itsfruitcakeweather.