Why You Should Travel

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Let me start off by saying that I’ve always been the scrimping-to-save-every-last-penny type of person.

That being said, I’m no stranger to being told that I should travel and do the things I want while I’m young and have the chance.

I’m working on a happy medium here.

Day after day, we are bombarded with the idea of quitting our jobs now in order to pursue a life of carefree travels  –why we should travel. For whatever reason, those that are only taking their annual 3-week vacations are deemed to be restricting themselves to unfulfilled lives.

From the very beginning we’ve had misconceptions over what the ideal career would look like. Having the most fulfilling jobs that are best fit for each individual never meant that it wouldn’t come with pain and frustration. The concept of ‘loving every moment’ of our work is simply too abstract for our complex lives.

Feeling hesitant to pack up your bags and jump into an unknown world doesn’t mean you’re fearful of living on a budget or even clinging onto a stable life for fear of change. You see, life isn’t defined by whether you leave your cubicle to travel; it’s a matter of bringing Paris, New York and Rome all to a warm and fuzzy place you call home.

The only time we can truly grasp onto is now. We scrimp every last penny to go on what we’ve labelled once-in-a-lifetime trips. On these days or even weeks if we’re lucky, we neglect all our e-mails and even the internet because we’ve come to understand that perhaps we’ll never visit this geographical spot again.

Now allow me to suggest that you were never able to go on this once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Instead you were home with the people you love the most. Certainly being with these people is once-in-a-lifetime.

Why is it that we don’t jump upon these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to spend time with the ones we supposedly care about the most? Instead, many of us can be found purging on television shows and internet fads as if being home makes time a limitless commodity.

We’ve forgotten that home –like Paris, New York and Rome –is also, once-in-a-lifetime.

— itsfruitcakeweather.


12 thoughts on “Why You Should Travel

  1. I always wanted to travel “when I was young.” Then I made allowances for love and a family. I dearly love them all, but to be truthful, it’s much easier to plan the trip abroad when you don’t have others to think about, and to take along, or provide for in your absence. However, I’d probably end up doing it again that way, my education and resources for scrimping and saving for that “big trip” were improbable. (BTW, check out how to travel on a dime, it’s more of a backpacking expedition, but it has always appealed to me!)

  2. Very insightful. It’s interesting to think about where our obsession with “travel” comes from… it should be a hint that so many credit card companies promote it so heavily ; ) With that said, travel, especially to places off the beaten path, can give you a new perspective to the wonders you left at home and give you a new appreciation for the people you love and the places where you are familiar. Travel for “once in a lifetime” travel’s sake is silly. Travel for the sake of exploration is much more fun. Either way, living in the moment and appreciating the wonders of what’s around you are the key. As you put it so eloquently, “being with these people is once-in-a-lifetime” too.

    • You’re right, could be the heavy marketing! I think it might be our desire to find meaning in life as well. We all want to make the most of our time and traveling is not only amazing but quite out of reach for some people. We’ve forgotten that even our dream jobs have downers 🙂

  3. Loved “Why you should travel.” I’m almost retirement age, but have cut back on work (my hours were like yours) to travel – to visit family. You’re right. Being with loved ones wherever they might be is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Oh, and I’m glad that you like my post “Writing on deadline.” I hope that you’ll stop by my blog often..

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