On Making Today A Little Better For Yourself

My first post 3 weeks ago was on things to do when you’re on the verge of breakdown. Since then, I’ve thought about things we could all do to make our days a little better because none of us are going through the same struggles and not all of us are experiencing sadness. Some days are full of disappointment, others just indifference and boredom —


  • Smile when you wake up in the morning and remind yourself to be happy you have another day for yourself and the people you care about.  Not everyone had the privilege of experiencing today.
  • Don’t read the comment section of an article, YouTube video, or Facebook status if you already know you’re going to be disappointed by the content. You deserve a break from comments that make you upset and question the world.
  • … On second thought, just get off Facebook because you’re getting too attached.
  • Start on that thing you’ve always wanted to do TODAY especially if it’s an ongoing task. It’s always easy to tell yourself: “Oh… I’ll start this exactly on the 1st of next month” and never end up doing it. Notice thinking that is no different from saying you’ll stop procrastinating exactly at 12:00AM. That time you used as an excuse for yourself isn’t any better than now.
  • Feel good you decided to start on that thing today.
  • It the weather permits, go outside and smell the freshly cut grass and breathe in the Spring air. (Unless of course you have severe allergies –in that case I don’t recommend it.)
  • Eat something you love. I was really going to say “EAT SOMETHING WITH NUTELLA TODAY!!” but I figured that might just be a personal preference. lol.
  • Don’t expect the day to go as you planned to leave room for surprises! So if you weren’t able to get everything off that To-Do List today, don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • If none of the above does it for you, here you go:


– itsfruitcakeweather.